A Kentucky Colonel in Darkest Africa

(A sequel to A Kentucky Colonel in King Arthur's Court)

An evil spirit with a split personality (both wicked) sends Hal to a dimension predicated upon the jungle adventures of H. Rider Haggard and 1940’s pulps and jungle movies, where he encounters leopards, lions, cheetahs as well as a talking tyrannosaurus with bad breath, Shakespeare’s sprite Ariel from The Tempest, a centuries old witch, gorilla storm troopers, a mad Nazi scientist who hopes to turn a female gorilla into the new Mata Hari, and a tribe of hawk-men and their treacherous Oxford-educated high priest.


Hal counters a dangerous, but talkative T-Rex.

The Foul Fiend Flibbertigibbet.

A Hawkman

A Beast Man.

Not the Best Neighborhood to Have a Picnic in.

Paperback and e-book copies may be ordered from such online publishers as follows: Cordon Publications Orders 812-303-9070