Ken Tucker

Dr. Kenneth Tucker was born December 2, 1940, in Louisville, Kentucky. His parents were Earl and Catherine Tucker (née Weber). He received his B. A. (1963) and his M.A (1965) from the University of Louisville. In 1970 he received his Ph. D. from the University of Kentucky. In that same year he was employed by Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, where was promoted to full professor and continued to teach until his full retirement in 2001.

Kenneth Tucker's academic specialties are Shakespeare and Elizabethan drama, and for nearly thirty years he taught introductory and graduate Shakespeare courses to numerous students of Western Kentucky. Of course, he also taught courses in freshman composition, general humanities and introductions to literature, as well as surveys of English and continental literature of the Renaissance in translation plus non-dramatic literature of the Renaissance.

He has written a number of book reviews, including a number for The Shakespeare Newsletter. He has also contributed reviews of British productions of Shakespeare to the same periodical. He has had articles published on the following writers of the English Renaissance: Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Beaumont and Fletcher, John Webster, John Ford, Philip Massinger, and Thomas Middleton. He has also written on such diverse writers as H. G. Wells, Torquato Tasso, Robert Penn Warren, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and H. P. Lovecraft. He has also published articles on the Boris Karloff-Bela Lugosi horror film classic The Black Cat and upon the 1960's enigmatic cult television series The Prisoner.

Dr. Tucker now devotes his time to reading, studying foreign languages, and writing.

His novels fall into no set genre and at times mix genres.  Generally, they fit into the categories of southern Gothic, realism, horror,fantasy, satire,  humorous fantasy, and science fiction.  "I write what interests me!" Tucker says. "I write the story that begs me to tell it."

Dr. Tucker is a known authority on Eliot Ness.  His book Eliot Ness and the Untouchables is now in its second edition.  Dr. Tucker receives numerous questions about Ness and the movies and television series based on his career.

Currently he is co-facilitator with Dr. Bill Koenecke of the Murray Authors Support Group, which meets once a month either at the Calloway County Library or Brookhaven, formerly Emeritus of Murray.Our purpose is to advise and help writers, whether published or beginners, learn about the publishing world today.   We consider such topics as self-publishing versus traditional publishing, seeking agents, finding proofreaders, etc. Anyone interested in writing is welcome to attend.  For information call Ken at 270-753-6886 or Bill at 270-227.2309.  

Two new books are due the the fall-early winter  of 2016.  One is based on the pursuit of an historical serial killer; the other is my first excursion into the hard-boiled detective genre.  Both of these books are nearing the end of the publication process.  A third book is also on the way to being published, a kind of modern Candide, satirizing humankind's search for Utopia.  Various delays, some including goof ups, have held up all three, but they should be out in weeks.