Kentucky Colonel in Wagner Land

 After his adventures in other dimensions based on Arthurian legend and H. Rider Haggard’s Africa, Hal Morgan finds himself hurled into an alternate reality based upon the operas of Richard Wagner. There Hal must locate the stolen Ring of the Nibelungs and return it to the Rhine Maidens, before its curse can destroy him. Along the way he must contend with treacherous nobles, gnomes, giants, zombies, witches, a dragon, the Flying Dutchman, Valkyries, Norse gods.  To defeat his enemies, Hal must join with Wagnerian heroes such as Siegfried and Lohengrin to confront an enemy from his past. Will Hal be reunited with Glorinda, his lost love? Will he fail in his mission and cause the cave in of dimensions, so that Kentucky will be invaded by flying dragons, sportive elves, and greedy goblins preparing to ransack FortKnox?  Like the other books in this series, the finale abounds in high spirited adventure, wild imagination, humor, farce, satire, and dangerous swordplay.

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